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What's in the bag, Winter 2016.

Getting geared up for Spring, the disc golf season, and everything else that warmer weather brings with it. So as I wade through the remainder of Winter getting the disc golf bag geared up is a must.

Keeping my overall bag weight down is a starting point I always begin from. So after taking out all the excess materials that have found their way into every corner of my bag. I range between 13 and 15 discs in bag at any given time, and currently I'm at the 14 disc mark keeping in line with a lower bag weight.

The Judge by Dynamic Discs is my staple putter. Carrying four of them speaks to the value I place on this disc. Three Lucid Plastic molds and one Classic Soft mold. My primary putter is the day-glow Lucid Judge with the white stamp. The other day-low and American Eagle stamped Lucid Judges are my approach and long range putters. My Classic Soft Judge I use for touch putts that I need a bit of wiggle and then a soft non-rolling landing to keep my landing stuck especially on hilly putting surfaces.

The Lucid Truth by Dynamic Discs, my everything midrange disc. I carry two in my bag given it's importance to always have one available in any situation. I love this disc, it is good around the green or off the tee. High arm speed and snap can lead to a stable rip at your target. Or hyzer touch second shots that stick close to the pin. The Truth the name says it all.

Off the tee when I need reliability I pull the Lucid Thief by Dynamic Discs. I carry four of these, it's my favorite driver I carry. I love the control I have over this disc. Given my hand size, arm speed, and fundamental throwing motion it provides everything I need to commit to my throws with reliable outcomes.

My big driver for those holes that present the opportunity for maximum driving distance is the Lucid Trespass by Dynamic Discs. Carrying three Trespasses it is a necessity for those longer holes, spike hyzers, sliders, and thumbers. It is a driver that is up to most any challenge presented throughout any round.

The Lucid Supect by Dynamic Discs that I carry it a utility midrange disc. Reliably stable, I like to use this discs in high risk situations. Difficult approaches with water hazards that could claim a disc with an arrant throw I pull the Suspect. A good disc but not vital to every round if it happened to be lost at sea. Although at the bottom of the totum pole it still has it's purpose.

So make sure your getting geared up for the upcoming disc golf season. Enjoy the Memorial this weekend. Check out the disc golf store to fill any voids you may find in your own bag. Share your bag with me and I'll throw it up on the website. Explain why you carry each disc and the value that have to you. Throw often and live the adventure.

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