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The Cowskin Disc Golf Course

"Play Happy"

The adventure begins as you begin to travel and play mythic courses you've heared tales of, research online, and read in disc golfer magazine about. Often times, if you have heard of these courses or tournaments it happened at your local course. And that is where today's story begins, at your local course, the starting place for many of your adventures. The City of Colwich Disc Golf Course in Colwich Kansas, is the course that I"m currently calling my local course.

Just outside of Wichita Kansas in a town of 1300 lies this gem of a disc golf course. The Cowskin DGC is an eighteen hole course woven around the Cowskin Creek. First established in 2001, then re-established in 2015, with total lengths between 4168-6481 feet. This course presents a good variety of throws and challenge on every hole. With the creek being crossed in between holes as you traverse along it's fringe. This is the primary out of bounds you will experience through most of the course. There are fence lines on the north and south course boundaries, 53rd st., and a fenced waste disposal area are the additional course boundaries to navigate. The ever loved two-meter rule (Rule: 806.01) may come into play on any given hole, within a forest of hedgeapple trees your accuracy will be tested.

"Two-meter Rule"

Rule: 806.01

-If a disc has come to rest above two meters, as measured from the lowest point of the disc to the playing surface directly below it, the player shall be assessed a one-throw penalty.

-The player shall then proceed in accordance with 802.02.C. If the lie directly below the disc on the playing surface is out-of-bounds, the disc is played as out-of-bounds regardless of its height above the playing surface. A disc supported by the target is not subject to the two-meter rule. If the thrower moves the disc before a determination has been made, the disc is considered to have come to rest above two meters. The Director may declare the two-meter rule to be in effect for the entire course, for particular holes, and/or for individual objects.

Embrace the challenge of the tight fairways and low flight ceilings as you progress through your round. Your accuracy will be tested and you will be rewarded for hitting gaps, focusing on staying within the fairway. If you do get a case of grip lock off the tee or or a lack of commitment to your thow, you will be punished. Gnarly is the only word that comes to mind to descride this thorn forest.

The Osage orange, bodark , maclura pomifera, or hedgeapple tree, as they are known around these parts, create the shock and awe that is the Cowskin DGC. Used as wind breaks throughout the prairie, this tree was also used to corral cattle in the early days of settlement throughout the praire and inspried the barbed wire fence. So watch out, if you get off the fairway the rough is rough.

The combination of challege on each hole, and a great design make this is a technical players dream course. For those big arms who love the manicured park with huge drives, off of wide open tees, you will be challenged to adapt from your usual big drive type of round. This is a great place to hone you midrange skills and accurate driving. By having such a variety in shots with the challenge of the creek side topogrphy, this course is a great blend of throws making players of all skill levels excited with the possibilites that each hole presents. A course that brings about memories of tromping along creek beds, adventuring, lost in a childs imagination.

For first time visitors to the course it may take a bit to follow the flow of the course. With the amount of trees, creek, and tall praire grass depending on the time of year tee boxes may be hiding within the growth. If you see a local don't hesitate to ask directions, they are the best guides. You can also take a picture with your phone of the course map. Once you find out where all the basket placements are, your second, third, and fourth rounds will flow easy. Give yourself some extra time for your first round. The tee pads are natural with good home made baskets. With Fall and Winter being the most optimal playing condition, the Spring and Sumer months can becomes overgrown and dence. There are no restrooms so make sure you handle your business before arrival. Bring your provisions: water, food, good footwear, sunblock, sunglasses, and snacks.

The City of Colwich Disc Golf Course is well worth a visit if you are in the in Wichita, Kansas area. A hidden gem just outside of the city of Wichita, very unique and fun.

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