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At Two Feathers Disc Golf it is our passion to help grow the sport of disc golf through availability of equipment, education, and course design.  It is a place to share the stories that are experienced through adventure of disc golf.


Through the availability of high quality equipment we strive to provide, players of all skill levels, the best opportunity to throw at the best of their abilities.  You will find an assortment of top line discs, bags, and accessories to take your game to the next level.



Through education about the sport of disc golf we strive to plant seeds of growth exposing new players to the sport.  Through local clinics, interviews, or private lessons Two Feathers Disc Golf is dedicated to growth of disc golf.


Specializing in new course development whether it would be a new park in an urban area or maximizing private property with the addtion of a private course. Two Feathers Disc Golf has six years of course design experience.  We have numerous resources to call on in all course design, installation, and operation processes.  If we can't meet your needs we will help find the people who can.

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